[Zenith 12S371]
Zenith 12S371, 1939

Tube complement: 6K7G RF, 6L7G mixer, 6J5G oscillator, 6K7G 1st IF, 6K7G 2nd IF, 6J5G detector, 6J5G 1st audio, 6F8G phase inverter, (2) 6V6G audio output, 6U5 tuning eye, 5Y4G rectifier.

[Zenith advertisement]
From a 1939 Zenith brochure.
  [12S371 dial]
In 1939, Zenith was both following the pushbutton trend ("Push a button—there's your station!") for automatic station selection, and leading the way in complex tone control systems.  On the more expensive sets, Zenith introduced its so-called "Radiorgan." An array of six buttons (labeled voice, normal, treble, lo-bass, bass, and alto) that could be pulled out or pushed in (like the stops on a pipe organ) allowed the user to choose one of "64 tonal combinations."  These Radiorgan buttons, together with On and Off buttons, are in the escutcheon wing to the right of the round big black dial.  The eight "Transcontinental Automatic Tip-Touch Tuning" station selection pushbuttons are to the left of the dial.
[12S371 chassis]
This is the deluxe 12-tube chassis.

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