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November 2019
  • I corrected the GE A-82 page, which called the radio a model A-70 in the text below the main image.  Evidence suggests that this error existed since I added the A-82 to my website in September 1998.  (The page title and my Wood Radios page have shown the correct model number.)
December 2012
December 2011
  • On the Answer ATR-102 page I wrote "I'm not sure what's triple about this Triplecorder.  The top of the box says "Radio, Phonograph & Tape Recorder," but I can see only double, as in radio and tape recorder.  There's no phonograph or even a place to attach one."  My mistake.  My Triplecorder was incomplete.  It isn't anymore.  See the revised page.  Thanks to the several collectors who alerted me about this error; I apologize for taking so long to fix it.
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March 2003
  • I added some nifty images of tube boxes to the Site Map page.
February 2003
  • It's been almost a year and I haven't added any new radios.  Life has gotten in the way of my hobby, and I've been focused on less-enjoyable things.  Although I don't foresee adding radios in the future at anywhere near the rate of the past few years, I have several sets waiting in the wings to be restored and added here.  I hope this past year when no radios were added will prove to be an anomaly.

    What I have been doing over the past year, however, is adding many "radio paper" scans to individual radio pages here.  So take a look at some of your favorite radios—you just might be pleasantly surprised to see some images from factory literature, advertisements, or operating instructions.
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  • This site first appeared on the World Wide Web.  The exact date of birth is already lost in the mists of time.

Arcturus type 071A vacuum tube

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