[Sonora LKSU-180]
Sonora LKSU-180, 1942

Approximately 14-1/2 inches / 37 cm wide.

Tube complement: 12SK7 RF amplifier, 12SA7 mixer/oscillator, 12SK7 IF amplifier, 12SQ7GT detector, 35L6GT audio output, 35Z5GT rectifier.

[Sonora LKSU-180 back]
The schematic for this radio in the Riders Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual is dated June 1941, but the radio is stamped "Nov 1 1947" in three places (rear cabinet edge, back cover, back of dial support plate).  The rear-cabinet-edge and back-cover stamps are visible (barely) above.  So when was this radio made—1942 or 1947?  It's hard to believe it could have been made in 1947 and not appear in the Sams Photofact service information, which covers post-WWII radios pretty extensively.  It's also hard to believe it could have been stamped Nov 1 1947 in three places if it was made in 1942.  Yet another mystery.

This radio's chassis was also produced in an "LKS" version (without the U).  The U in the model number means it's UL-listed; the circuit has been modified so that one side of the AC line is not connected directly to the chassis.

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