Juliette with cover open
(with its chrome-plated lid open)
 Juliette LT-44, ca. 1964

Closed Juliette
(with its chrome-plated lid closed)

Rim drive.  Approximately 7-1/16 inches / 18 cm long, excluding the handle.

The Lloyds TP-566W and the Star-lite ST-666 have the same chassis and outside dimensions as this recorder.  This Juliette presents a much nicer appearance with its chrome plating and its high-style front panel treatment with Lucite function knob and thumbwheel volume knob.

Juliette with box and stuff
Here's the Juliette with its box and accessories.

Juliette instruction sheet front

Juliette instruction sheet back

The schematic shows five transistors, but one is used as a diode (base and collector connected together).  By the late 1960s such transistors would be counted and this would be a five-transistor tape recorder; in fact "dummy" transistors would be added to a circuit just to increase the transistor count for marketing purposes.

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