[Emerson DB-301]
Emerson DB-347, 1941

Tube complement: 12SA7GT mixer/oscillator, 12K7GT IF, 12SQ7GT detector, 50L6GT audio output, 35Z5GT rectifier.

Approximately 11-1/8 inches / 28 cm wide.

About Emerson model numbers
From the study of lots of Emerson radios, mostly from the 1933-1942 period, I've seen that Emerson first assigned model numbers that were strictly numerical.  For example, there's the midget model 25, introduced in 1932, followed by the slightly changed model 25A in 1933.  Other 2- and 3-digit model numbers followed, such as the model 107 in 1936.

Starting in 1938 or so, Emerson changed its model numbering system to use the form AA-XXX, where 'AA' is a two-letter chassis identifier, and 'XXX' is a 3-digit number that identifies the cabinet.  The chassis identifiers sequenced from A through F from approximately 1938 through 1942; i.e., chassis AX would tend to be early, and chassis FZ would probably be a 1942 model.

Beginning in 1941, while Emerson appeared to continue using this same AA-XXX system internally, in published sales literature the models were specified with only their 3-digit cabinet identifier.  On this Web site, I've decided to stick with the AA-XXX type of model number, when known.  So, for example, this radio, which I call model DB-347 (chassis type DB, cabinet type 347), is identified by Emerson in its sales literature as simply model 347.
 [from a 1940 Emerson brochure]
From a 1941 Emerson sales brochure.

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