[RCA 96X14]

RCA 96X-14, 1940

Approximately 10-7/8 inches / 276 mm wide.

This radio was available in several color schemes, with and without pushbuttons, each with its own model number, as follows:

 Without PushbuttonsWith Pushbuttons
Brown Bakelite with ivory knobs96X-196X-11
Black Bakelite with ivory knobs96X-296X-12
Brown Bakelite with tan knobs and grille96X-396X-13
Ivory Plaskon with ivory knobs96X-496X-14

Tube complement: 6K8 mixer/oscillator, 6SK7 IF, 6SQ7 detector, 25L6 audio output, 25Z6G rectifier, BK-49B ballast.

Except for the 25Z6G rectifier, this set uses metal tubes exclusively.  RCA was co-originator of the metal tube, with General Electric, a few years earlier.  By 1939, even RCA had realized that metal tubes were no panacea, and is caught here using a glass-envelope rectifier.

[From a 1940 RCA Victor brochure] From a 1940 RCA Victor brochure.

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