[Kadette model F]

Kadette "Junior" model F, 1933

Approximately 6 inches / 15 cm tall.

Tube complement: 6F7 RF & detector, 12A7 audio output & rectifier.

[Kadette radio with resistor line cord]
This view shows the radio with its power cord and antenna.  The power switch, which can be seen just to the left of the radio, is installed in the cord.  The radio's instruction tag says that the power switch was optional.

[Chassis rear][Chassis front]

Two views of the chassis.  The rear view is on the left.  Note the exceptionally compact layout.  The front view is on the right.  Note the horeshoe-shaped permanent magnet for the speaker.  In this groundbreaking design, the speaker and its components are part of the chassis itself; no separate speaker frame is used.

[Kadette box]

Here's the radio's original box, which was pre-labeled to be used as a return shipping carton in the event the radio needed service.

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