[Lyric radio]
Lyric 546T, 1946

Tube complement: 12SA7GT mixer/oscillator, 12SK7GT IF, 12SQ7GT detector, 50A5 audio output, 35Z5GT rectifier.

Approximately 9 inches / 23 cm wide.

This radio's tube complement is an unusual variant of the All American Five tube lineup.  The audio output tube, and only this tube, has been changed to the loktal equivalent 50A5.  Go figure.

The Bakelite back.  The wire sticking out is an attachment point for an external antenna which would augment the internal loop. [Lyric back view]

[Lyric chassis] The chassis.  This radio is still operating on all of its original capacitors, both paper and electrolytic types.

Molds used for the manufacture of plastic radio cases were expensive.  This is an advertisement for an intercom system in a 1937 Burnstein-Applebee electronics catalog.  It's obvious that the mold used for this intercom is the same one used, post-WWII, for the Lyric 546T.  A few modifications to the central grille area and the dial opening, and they put an old mold to a new use, nine years later. [Catalog page]

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