[RCA T10-1]
RCA Victor T10-1, 1936

Tube complement: 6K7 RF, 6L7 mixer, 6J7 oscillator, 6K7 IF, 6H6 detector, 6C5 1st audio amp, 6C5 audio driver, (2) 6F6 push-pull audio output, 5Z3 rectifier.  Perhaps in an effort to hide the fact that the rectifier isn't one of the new metal tubes, the glass envelope of the 5Z3 is hidden inside a black-painted metal can.

Approximately 19-3/4 inches / 502 mm tall.

Here's a closeup of the dial and control knobs.  Too bad the dial escutcheon's so plain and boring.  RCA should have taken some lessons from another manufacturer of the day, such as Zenith, and made a really pretty escutcheon.

Unusual for a mid-1930s wood radio, the knobs are Bakelite.  The tuning knob has a partial world globe, with latitude and longitude lines and the outlines of the continents, molded in.
 [RCA T10-1 dial and controls]

[From an RCA brochure] 

At left and below:  From a 1936 RCA Victor brochure.
I wish I had a magic brain inside MY head. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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