[Zenith 6D411]
Zenith 6D411, 1940

Tube complement: 12A8G mixer/oscillator, 12K7G IF, 12Q7G detector, 35L6G audio output, 35Z5G rectifier, 100-77 ballast.

This is the "green finish" (metallic paint over Bakelite) version.  It's approximately 8-3/4 inches / 22 cm wide.

The rear view.  The one-piece Bakelite cabinet is molded like an upside-down bowl.  The chassis installs through the bottom. [6D411 back]

This one is of unpainted brown Bakelite, marketed as "Mahogany." [6D411 back]

[6D411 bottom] The bottom view.  This radio's Bakelite chassis hangs upside down in the cabinet.

[6D411 brochure image] From a 1940 Zenith brochure.  Also shown is model 6D410, which omits the "hi-lo" tone switch.  ("Zenith" was cast into the Bakelite to fill the hole left by the absent switch.)  The 6D410 was available only in unpainted brown Bakelite, while the 6D411 came in colors as listed.  (To help justify the $2 price increase, the 6D410's "brown plastic" metamorphosed into "Mahogany" for the deluxe 6D411.  It was just advertising hyperbole; both cabinets were cast from the same material and both were unpainted.)

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