[Red S-C 416]
Setchell Carlson 416, 1946

Tube complement: 12SA7 mixer/oscillator, 12SK7 IF, 12SQ7 detector, 50L6 audio output, 35Z5 rectifier.

[White S-C 416]
This one is white with white trim—my favorite.

[Brown S-C 416]
And now, a brown one.

[Clean S-C 416 chassis]
The chassis of these radios is usually found in extraordinarily clean and new condition.  This one looks like it just left the factory.  There's not a trace of dirt or corrosion to be found.  This is at least partly due to the radio's construction.  The chassis is mounted "upside down" inside the case, which is closed all around on the four sides.  This prevents dust from collecting on the chassis over the years, which in turn prevents the dust from holding moisture and other contaminants in contact with the chassis.

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