[Fada 263V]
Fada (Dictograph) 263V, ca. 1937

Tube complement: 6A7 mixer/oscillator, 6D6 IF, 76 detector, 43 audio output, 25Z5 rectifier, BK49D ballast.

Approximately 10-3/4 inches / 273 mm wide.

Strictly speaking, this isn't a Fada.  It's a Dictograph Silent Radio, made for Dictograph by Fada.  A "silent radio" was a radio that was sold with a pillow speaker, which was perhaps a brand-new concept in 1937.  The pillow speaker is here announced as the "Acousticon Mystic Ear" by a clever marketing department (below, right).  The Acousticon plugs into two pin jacks on the back of the radio (below left).  The radio's third knob is a three position switch (speaker only, speaker and Acousticon together, Acousticon only).

[The rear view]
The back.  Note the wonderful molded-in letters.
 [Dictograph Silent Radio advertisement]

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