[A trio of transistor radios]
Tempest / Mellow tone TR604, 1964  

[A blue Mellow tone is finally achieved!]

I finally found a blue one just like the one I had as a boy.  I recently rediscovered the diaries I kept for a few years in my youth.  An entry reveals that my father bought my blue Mellow tone radio at the A&P grocery store on Boston Avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 20, 1964.  I dimly recall that I, age 10, was with him at the time.

[This is the back inside view of the blue Mellow tone.] [The earphone, which does not have a very mellow tone]

Above, the accessory earphone, complete with a bit of original earwax.

At left, the rear view of the blue Mellow tone with the cover removed.

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