[Airline 62-351]

Airline 62-351, 1939

Tube complement: 6A8G mixer/oscillator, 6K7 IF amplifier, 6Q7G detector, 6K6G audio output, 5W4 rectifier.

[A top view.]
A top view.

[from a Montgomery Ward catalog]
From the Montgomery Ward Spring-Summer 1939 catalog.
 [The chassis]
The wondrous power-transformer-operated chassis.

[The store tags]
This Airline must've been bought in a Montgomery Ward store (not mail-ordered from the catalog).  What else would explain the sales tags, filled out with price ($2 higher than the catalog!) and model?

[Repair receipt] 

After less than a year of use, the radio's volume control needed cleaning.  Now, over 60 years later, the volume control is still working fine.

[Coronado instructions]
The original instruction sheet.

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