[Emerson 838]
Emerson 838, 1955

Tube complement: 1V6 mixer/oscillator, 1AH4 IF, 1AJ5 detector, plus two transistors in the push-pull audio output stage.

Approximately  6-1/8 inches / 156 mm  wide.

This radio's hybrid nature made it difficult to decide where to put it on my Web site: here under transistor radios or there under plastic tube sets.  I decided to follow Emerson's lead.  They called it a Transistor Pocket Radio right there on its front panel (barely visible in the picture, below the word  E M E R S O N).  Capitalizing on the high-tech cachet of transistors was sound marketing in 1955.

Here's the first page of the instruction sheet (pardon the wrinkles). [Emerson 838 instruction sheet]
[Allied catalog page] When first introduced, transistors cost a pretty penny.  (From a 1954 Allied Radio catalog page.)

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