[Kadette K151]
Kadette K-151, 1938

Tube complement: 6A7 mixer/oscillator, 6D6 IF, 6B7 detector/1st audio, 43 audio output, 25Z5 rectifier.

Approximately 8-5/8 inches / 219 mm wide.

Thanks to Alan Voorhees and Greg Farmer for their help in determining the probable model number of this radio.

Written in penciled longhand, on the inside of the plastic back, was "Renew tubes 12-24-46  6B7 6A7 6D6 25Z5" Indeed, all four of these tubes are National Union tubes of an identical-looking vintage.  The fifth tube, a type 43 which was apparently not replaced at this time, is a Tung-Sol.  Also penciled in the same handwriting was "new volume control 3-9-49 250 M-ohm" ['M' meaning 'k' in modern usage, i.e. x1000].

[K151 rear view]
The rear view.  The bandswitch is in the lower left-hand corner.

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