[An Emerson radio]

Emerson EP-367, 1941

Tube complement: 12SA7 mixer/oscillator, 12SK7 IF, 12SQ7GT detector, 50L6GT audio output, 35Z5GT rectifier.

Approximately 11-1/4 inches / 28 cm wide.

This radio came to me with no model number labels whatsoever.  The model number I give is a guess, and here's how I arrived at it.  I compared the chassis with all the similar models in Riders, and only one matched exactly: chassis EP.  The Riders page for chassis EP lists five models using it: EP-367, -375, -381, -405, and -406.  The EP-375 is the well-known "5+1" Catalin model.  I was able to eliminate -405 and -406 because they're pictured in other references.  I have a copy of the EP-381.  The only model number left is EP-367.

Another view reveals more cabinet curves.
 [Turvy, Part II]

[from a 1941 Emerson brochure] From a 1941 Emerson sales brochure.  It confirms that my model number guess was correct.

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