[RCA Victor 8X682]
RCA Victor 8X682, 1948

Approximately 12/5/8 inches / 32 cm wide.  Ivory painted Bakelite cabinet.

Tube complement: 12BA6 RF amplifier, 12BE6 mixer/oscillator, 12BA6 IF amplifier, 12AT6 detector, 35C5 AF output, 35W4 rectifier.

I've found that most RCA sets have above-average, better-performing, circuit designs that cost more to produce (because they use more parts).  This RCA Victor radio is no exception.  Among its many deluxe circuit features are:  RF stage (with tuned output and three-gang condenser, no less) for higher sensitivity;  tone control;  two bands (AM and shortwave);  padder condensers for accurate tracking at the low end of the bands (not only a padder condenser for the low end of the AM band, but one for the shortwave band as well; and, if that were not enough, padder condensers for the amplifier tuning on both bands in addition to oscillator tracking.  Wow!).

[The backside of the 8X682][The chassis of the 8X682]
The back of the '682.
Look at this smooth rounded shape . . .
. . . covering this deluxe chassis.

[RCA Victor 8X681]
RCA Victor 8X681, 1948

Unpainted, dark brown Bakelite cabinet.

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