RCA YHS-18J, 1966

Approximately 12-1/4 inches / 31 cm wide.

This is a deluxe tape recorder that was made by Sanyo for RCA.  It has cool styling that appealed to me as a 13 year old.  It's in my collection because I had one just like it as a youngster.  My father bought mine on Saturday, Dec. 3, 1966 at the E.J. Korvettes department store in the Trumbull (Connecticut) Shopping Park.  I know the date because it's in the diary I kept for a few years around that time.  It's not in the diary, but I recall that the sale price was $59.95.

At right, the YHS-18J with its lid in place.
RCA YHS-18J with reel cover in place

RCA recorder with box and accessories 

At left, the recorder appears with its box and accessories.  The recorder operates from batteries or AC power.  Just visible on the lower left side of the recorder is the place where the AC cord plugs in.

My mom and my recorder Left:  This is the only photograph I have of my original YHS-18J recorder.  The photo was taken, I would guess, in 1967.  I don't remember why my mother sat in the back seat of the family car holding my recorder for the photo, but it happened.
Below:  RCA molded its logo into the superbly styled plastic reels that came with the recorder.

Plastic RCA reel

RCA YHS-18J decorative metal strip on cover

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