[RCA 8X521]
RCA Victor 8X521, 1948

Tube complement: 12BE6 mixer/oscillator, 12BA6 IF, 12AT6 detector, 50C5 audio output, 35W4 rectifier.

[RCA 8X521]
The red dial indicator glows brightly when the radio's on.

This set continues the RCA tradition of superior circuit design.  (See the RCA Victor 66X3.)  Even though it's just a plain-jane simple five-tube ac/dc circuit, RCA couldn't resist adding an extra, quality touch:  The oscillator coil has an adjustable core which is adjusted like a padder condenser would be.  It is used to calibrate the dial at the low-frequency end, in addition to the normal trimmer adjustment at the high-frequency end, for accurate frequency calibration across the whole dial range.

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