[Majestic model unknown]

Majestic, model number unknown, ca. 1940

 Approximately 10-1/8 inches / 257 mm wide.

Tube complement: 12A8GT mixer/oscillator, 12SK7 IF, 12SQ7 detector, 50L6GT audio output, 35Z5GT rectifier.

What is this radio?  On page 144 of Stein's Machine Age To Jet Age is shown what appears to be the same radio except with a different color scheme (ivory cabinet, with gold and red colored trim), with no known model number.  Stein's Machine Age To Jet Age II shows two Garod-brand radios that are very similar (pp. 132, 133).  Collins' Radios Redux shows a Majestic model 52, nearly identical except for a different color scheme and the fact that it has the Garod-type knobs from Stein's Garod illustrations.  The post-WWII Majestic model 51 uses the same brown Bakelite cabinet, but without the fancy trim paint.

This radio has a "transitional" tube complement, which is almost a full-blown All American Five, but not quite.  The 12A8GT is a holdover from the previous design period, while the remaining four tubes are from one of the standard AA5 tube sets.  At least this allows the radio to be dated with reasonable accuracy.

So is this an unusual variant, or has it been gussied up by a previous collector to look like a brown version of the radio in Machine Age To Jet Age p. 144?

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