[Airline 14WG-806A]
    Airline 14WG-806A, 1942

Tube complement:  6SA7 mixer/oscillator, 6SK7 IF amplifier, 6QS7 detector, 6QS7 phase inverter (in a spurt of marketing creativity, Airline called this tube a "balancing exciter"), 2 x 6K6GT push-pull audio output, 5Y3G rectifier, 6U5 tuning eye.

Approximately 21-1/2 inches / 55 cm wide.

This dial is spectacular.  The clear plastic bars glow with light picked up from the lamps behind the escutcheon at each end of the dial. [Whatta dial!]

[Catalog scan] From the 1942 Spring & Summer Montgomery Ward catalog.

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