[Zenith K-412W]
Zenith K412-W, 1953

Tube complement: 1R5 mixer/oscillator, 1U4 IF, 1U5 detector, 3V4 audio output.

Approximately 6-5/8 inches / 168 mm wide.  "A powerful loop antenna is built right into the handle.  This 'Hand-Tenna,' a Zenith exclusive, extends distance, cuts static."

This radio uses 1.5-volt-filament tubes (without cathodes), which are more commonly used in battery-powered portables.  Just like the earliest tubes (also cathode-less) and the later transistors, these tubes come on almost instantly—no waiting for the radio to "warm up."  This particular model (the W in the model number stands for white, no doubt), is white enamel paint over Bakelite.

[K412 chassis]
The adorable chassis.

[Zenith K412-R] [Zenith K412-Y]
This is a K412-R, unpainted maroon Bakelite. And a K412-Y, unpainted black Bakelite.

[Zenith K412-G]
The "dawn grey" model (paint over Bakelite) completes my collection of all four colors.  It's model K412-G.

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