[Admiral 113-5A]
Admiral 114-5A, 1938

Tube complement: 6A7 mixer/oscillator, 6D6 IF, 75 detector, 41 audio output, 5Y3G rectifier.

Approximately 10-1/2 inches / 267 mm wide.

Look at this magnificent glowing red dial, visible through its plastic magnifying lens! [Admiral dial]

[Admiral 113-5A back view] When I received this radio, the power transformer had been replaced (I'd guess sometime in the 1950s) with a replacement unit that was physically too big to fit properly.  It was sticking out the rear of the radio by almost 1/2 inch, deforming the cardboard back.  Since this was an obviously unacceptable situation, I set about finding a suitably sized replacement.  I couldn't find a small-enough transformer with both 5-V and 6.3-V filament windings, so I had to settle for a tiny replacement unit that had only a 6.3-V winding.  (It can be seen at left through the cardboard back's holes, on the right side of the chassis.)  Luckily, I had next year's 1939 technology to work with, so I was able to modify the circuit to use a 6X5G rectifier instead of the original 5Y3G.

Adapted from an Admiral advertisement in Radio Retailing magazine. [Admiral advetisement]

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