[Silvertone 6107]
  Silvertone 6107, 1939

This four-tube TRF design works pretty poorly.  Tube complement: 6K7 RF, 6J7 detector, 25L6 audio output, 25Z6 rectifier.

Approximately 6-1/4 inches / 16 cm wide.

This radio is practically identical to my Silvertone 6197, but is part of a different model-number series that uses a different chassis.  (The chassis difference is small, however.  This set uses a 6J7 detector tube, while the 6197 uses a 6F5.)

A 1939 Sears catalog reveals that this adorable little radio was available in three other colors: black (model 6106), "walnut" (model 6108), and red (model 6116).

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