[Pilot T504]
Pilot T504, 1946

Tube complement: 12SA7 mixer/oscillator, 12SK7 IF, 12SQ7 detector, 50L6GT AF output, 35Z5GT rectifier.

Approximately 8-3/8 inches / 213 mm wide.

Unusual for a post-war radio, its speaker has a field coil (instead of a permanent magnet), and an external wire antenna is required (there's no internal loop antenna).  It must've been a pre-war design, carried over.

The internal pilot light makes the translucent Plaskon cabinet glow in the dark. [Real radio glows in the dark]

[T504 chassis]Here's the chassis, surrounded by the four-piece Plaskon case, broken down.  The four long bolts that hold it together are visible in the upper left area of the photo.

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