[Zenith 6S229]

Zenith 6S229, 1938

This radio is in such superb condition, it looks like it was kept for decades hermetically sealed in a chamber filled with an inert gas.  Approximately 17-5/8 inches / 45 cm tall.

Tube complement: 6A8G mixer/oscillator, 6K6G IF, 6H6G detector, 6F5G audio preamp, 6F6G audio output, 5Y4G rectifier.

[6S229 side view] 

This side view shows more of the radio's paper finish.

The chassis, also in nearly new condition.  All original, except for the parts I replaced:  filter condensers, line cord, and chassis-support rubber washers.
 [6S229 chassis]

From Zenith dealer literature.
 [Zenith literature]

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