Aiwa TP-60
Aiwa TP-60, 1965

This is the smallest tape recorder in my collection.  Its dimensions are 5-13/16 x 3-7/8 x 2-1/8 inches (147 x 97 x 54 mm), and it uses 2.5-inch-diameter reels of tape.  Its all-metal case is very finely finished, almost like a piece of jewelry.  Even the controls have a high-quality feel.  It uses rim drive though, so the audio quality is on a par with all the other cheap "toy" recorders of the day.

with box and accessary [sic] It was found essentially new in the box, with accessories intact.  Even the Aiwa-branded little packet of silica gel is present.

The Aiwa's adorable brand-new innards. The adorable innards

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