[Vintage Drake Station W1JA]
Above is my vintage Drake station.  From left to right, bottom row, is the Drake L-4B linear amplifier, R-4B receiver, T-4XB transmitter, MN-2000 antenna tuner.  This particular Drake B-line was manufactured in 1971, although the series was available from approximately 1968 through 1972.

The row above: MS-4 speaker, TR-3 transceiver, TR-4CW/RIT transceiver, C-4 station console.  Above the station console is my Hallicrafters TO keyer, which uses six (count them!) vacuum tubes.

[R-4B front panel] [T-4XB front panel]
Drake R-4B, 1971 Drake T-4XB, 1971

[R-4B without top cover] [R-4B underbelly]
The Drake R-4B with its top cover removed. The seamy underbelly of the Drake R-4B.

[T-4XB without top cover] [T-4XB without top cover]
Two views of the T-4XB without its top cover.

[Scintillating Drake L-4B] [Eimac 3-500Z power triode]
Real radios glow in the dark, and the Drake L-4B glows better than most.  This side view of the amplifier reveals the pair of magnificent Eimac 3-500Z glass power triodes. This is a closeup of one of the 3-500Zs.

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