[Coronado radio]
Coronado 43-8353, 1947

Tube complement: 12SK7 RF, 12SA7 mixer/oscillator, 12SK7 IF, 12SQ7 detector, 35L6 audio output, 35Z5 rectifier.  This set has a six-tube AC/DC circuit, which is just like the standard five-tube All American Five design, but with an RF amplifier stage added for better sensitivity.

Approximately 12-1/4 inches / 31 cm wide.

Barely visible in the photo is the outline of the oval speaker cutout, behind the grille cloth.  This radio came from the factory with the grille assembly installed upside down so the cutout didn't align with the slightly off-center oval speaker.  I reinstalled the grille correctly, and now the cutout and speaker positions match exactly.  It didn't noticeably improve the sound, so I'm not surprised the misalignment went unnoticed for decades.  (This set appears for sale on eBay often, and I've made a point of observing the position of the speaker cutout whenever it's visible in the auction picture.  Many grilles are upside down as mine was, so it appears that this manufacturing error was common.)

[Coronado receipt]

The original store receipt, written by a minimalist receipt writer.  "Radio" sold by "X" on "10-23."  Never mind the details.

Original sales price $39.95, and no sales tax, apparently.

[Coronado instructions]

The original instruction sheet.

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