[Crosley 814QB][the dial]
Crosley 814QB, 1935Whatta dial!

Tube complement: 6D6 RF, 6A7 mixer/oscillator, 6D6 1st IF, 6B7 2nd IF/detector, 6F7 1st audio and phase inverter, 2 x 42 push-pull audio output, 80 rectifier.

Approximately 38-1/2 inches / 98 cm tall.

At $99.50, this was the most expensive radio in Crosley's 1935 line.  Just look at that beautiful marquetry.  This is from a time when radios were radios.  Just look at that dial and pointer.  What's that?  You want an even closer look?  Okey-dokey.

[Even closer.]

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